Bullseye Testing Technology


Bullseye Testing Technology is a leading software developer of code coverage testing tools. Founded in 1990, Bullseye Testing Technology is a privately owned company located in Redmond, Washington, USA.


Our core market is C/C++ software developers and testers working on mission critical systems running on Windows, Linux, macOS, and embedded devices. Thousands of organizations have deployed our flagship product BullseyeCoverage, including corporations, government agencies, universities, and research groups.


We focus solely on code coverage analysis to deliver a better solution than companies who spread their expertise across several areas. Specialization is our advantage.

We know what it is to test software; to be in "crunch mode". Code coverage measurement must be painless. We only implement code coverage metrics that are the most productive based on our research and experience.


We have never released a known bug and we never will. When we find a problem, we release a fix immediately. Providing outstanding technical support is our highest priority. Technical support is fully included in every purchase.