Bullseye Testing Technology

White Papers on Code Coverage Analysis

Code Coverage Analysis by Steve Cornett, Bullseye Testing Technology, 1996
"This paper gives a complete description of code coverage analysis (test coverage analysis), a software testing technique."

What is Wrong with Statement Coverage by Steve Cornett, Bullseye Testing Technology, 1999
"This paper presents an in-depth discussion of the risks and misconceptions of a commonly used code coverage measure."

Minimum Acceptable Code Coverage by Steve Cornett, Bullseye Testing Technology, 2006
"This paper discusses how to decide what percentage of code coverage you need."

Software Verification Tools Assessment Study by Federal Aviation Administration, 2007
"... a research effort to investigate criteria for effectively evaluating structural coverage analysis tools ..."

Testing and Code Coverage by Paul Johnson, 2002
"Simply put, code coverage is a way of ensuring that your tests are actually testing your code."

A Buyer's Guide to Code Coverage Terminology by Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
"The most important thing is that the tool's reports be easy for programmers to understand."

How to Misuse Code Coverage by Brian Marick, Testing Foundations, 1997
"This paper describes common misuses in detail, then argues for a particular cautious approach to the use of coverage."

Software Unit Test Coverage and Adequacy by Hong Zhu, Nanjing University, 1997
"A review of criteria classification is followed by a summary of the methods for comparison and assessment of criteria."

Software Negligence and Testing Coverage by Cem Kaner, 1996
"This presentation explores the legal concept of negligence and the technical concept of coverage."