Bullseye Testing Technology

Spotlight on Industry Leaders

BullseyeCoverage is the standard code coverage analyzer for leaders across the information industry. Here are just a few that are benefitting.

Hewlett Packard has a high standard for quality. HP's high tech products power mission-critical solutions that require high availability and robust performance. HP engineers depend on BullseyeCoverage to assess quality within their complex development systems. When market demands shift, HP utilizes Bullseye Testing Technology's outstanding premier level technical support to get BullseyeCoverage quickly deployed to their new next-generation run-time environments.

Adobe Systems occupies a leadership position in diverse markets including graphics editing and multimedia content. Much of their flagship software runs on macOS, a platform supported by BullseyeCoverage for many years. BullseyeCoverage provides engineers at Adobe the stability that comes only from use in the field. We uncovered and adapted to the peculiarities of Apple's Xcode development environment. BullseyeCoverage meets Adobe's diverse needs with superior cross-platform support and and performance capability for very large applications.

Philips Healthcare develops innovative and affordable technology solutions for medical imaging, patient monitoring, resuscitation, and data management. High quality software plays an essential role in their state-of-the-art systems. Philips Healthcare selected BullseyeCoverage as part of their quality process.

ASML develops advanced semiconductor lithography equipment used by every major chip maker. Quality and precision are critical in the production of next-generation chips that are continually becoming smaller, more powerful and green. ASML uses BullseyeCoverage to assure quality and precision in the industrial machines that create devices that will power the future.

CAE manufactures flight simulators and flight training equipment for the aviation, defense and healthcare industries. BullseyeCoverage helps CAE improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce time to market by reducing the effort spent testing.