Bullseye Testing Technology

Testimonials and Reviews

[BullseyeCoverage] seems to be a pretty good tool. It has more features than standard gcov coverage and all features are well integrated together.

Baptiste Wicht, Full review

We have been using BullseyeCoverage for many years now and we have found that it works very well in determining our code coverage. More importantly, the support that we have been getting from Bullseye have been nothing short of exceptional. It seems like whenever we find an issue with Bullseye (usually when we switch to using a new version of our compiler) a new version is available that contains the fix that we need. I highly recommend using BullseyeCoverage.

Benjamin Valera, EMC

I've used BullseyeCoverage for over 7 years now and it is without doubt the best code coverage tool for C/C++. Simple integration, minimal runtime impact, and an easy to use UI make this a great product. It just works.

Robert Bradford, Fernhill Software Ltd

BullseyeCoverage is the best code coverage tool I've ever seen. The top-notch support made it easy to port to our embedded system. BullseyeCoverage paid for itself after just a few uses.

David Hefner

"I've looked at a few other, similar tools as well, and BullseyeCoverage wins hands-down when it comes to simplicity of use, platform support and usefulness of results. I literally had analyzable coverage results from software unit tests within five minutes of installation. No hassle with integration or anything, it just worked. That's plain amazing!"

Mats Svensson, Assistera AB

"Bullseye is awesome! It just works. It is a fabulous product."

Chris Johnson, Autodesk Inc.

"You have built a profoundly valuable code-coverage product that is far better than any other I've ever used."

Fajen Kyne, Chief Software Architect, Liquid Machines

"[BullseyeCoverage] is working well and is turning out to be of great help. BullseyeCoverage tech support is amazing in both support and its speed."

Rahul Sethia, Honeywell

"Bullseye is probably the best choice for C++ code coverage under Linux. We found it to be very mature and well supported. It was very easy to integrate with our development process and customize to our needs."

Jeremy Moskovich, Mobileye

"I have to say, I am very impressed with this!! I've already learned a great deal about our testing weaknesses in just half and hour of use and I'm looking forward to learning more about what the tool can do for us."

Mark Rivers, VP Engineering

"It took me only a few hours to install Bullseye, build the code, run the tests, and get some useful coverage metrics."

Kimberley Burchett, Full review

"The usage of your tool has been a success, so far we have detected a lot of unused code and several errors with the help of the coverage tool. Developers are now more eager to test because they can see immediate results of their testing."

Jarno Pikkarainen

"Never have I been so pleased with any development related tool in all my years of experience. In addition to this, the support personnel at Bullseye are absolutely unmatched in responsiveness, knowledge, and willingness to help. [BullseyeCoverage] and the people supporting it have been saviors to the quality of our product(s) and to our company."

Toby Dziubala, Openwave Systems

"Overall, [BullseyeCoverage] does what it claims to do. The browser's GUI is intuitive and logical and the statistics are easy to read and understand—as is the annotated source. It has met my code coverage analysis needs, and I expect to be using it for some time to come."

Peter Wlodarski, STQE Magazine

"[BullseyeCoverage] is very intuitive and easy to use. I had no trouble using [BullseyeCoverage] with multiple projects. This product has impressed me and I anticipate using [BullseyeCoverage] will be a standard everyday occurrence."

La Vern R. Ogden, American Driving Records

"[BullseyeCoverage] doesn't suffer from featuritis like most metrics tools do. Always get a great response to my questions along the way. The coverage viewer is great."

Mimi Bussan, Stratus Computer

"I am very pleased with its ease-of-use. Very very nice. Short of having somebody else do the work, I can't think of anyway it could be any easier!"

Eric Tannenbaum, Senior Systems Engineer, Dialogic Corporation

"I had a fixed version literally within a day of my first encounter with a problem. That is VERY impressive. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that takes care of its customers like that!"

Derek Foster

"We evaluated [BullseyeCoverage] against TCAT (Software Research), Cantata (Quality Checked Software), and Coverage Analysis (McCabe). For coverage analysis of C++, [BullseyeCoverage] was far superior in usability and reporting capability."

David James, RELA Inc

"There is no doubt in my mind that [BullseyeCoverage] is one of the best C/C++ coverage tools available in the market. Bullseye's technical support is far superior compared to any other coverage tools vendor."

Ashok Manikonda, Compaq Computer Corporation

"I looked at several [coverage analyzers] and for my dollar, [BullseyeCoverage] got the highest marks. It did everything I wanted and it had the lowest price of any of the commercial tools."

Todd Bradley, A7 Audio Research Lab

"I've been doing an evaluation of C code coverage tools. The best and easiest to use (by far) that I've found is [BullseyeCoverage]. Other tools that I evaluated seemed to require a huge effort to implement. This one is pretty much "plug-and-play"."

John Craig, Viewstar