Bullseye Testing Technology

Easy to Use

Our goal is to make BullseyeCoverage as automatic and easy to use as possible. We do the best thing, we do it simply and we do it right. Usability and reliability are top priorities throughout the product, from top to bottom. The effort we put into usability ranges from simple uncluttered coverage reports to automatically working around run-time restrictions in the Windows kernel. BullseyeCoverage "just works" so that you can have results in hand in short time.

We carefully crafted code coverage reports to provide the most useful information, without any unnecessary fluff. If you can use a file explorer, you already know how to find your way around our Coverage Browser and HTML reports, which use an intuitive two-pane navigation interface.

We work hard to automatically handle problematic issues without you ever needing to know. For example, BullseyeCoverage is aware of the idiosyncracies of the popular C++ compilers so that you get solid results even if your project uses a third-party library that inadvertently relies on a compiler bug. Our extensive built-in build-time diagnostics ensure that technical support issues can be resolved immediately.

Our run-time instrumentation is hardened for a wide range of environments so that everything works automatically with no hand-holding needed. If your run-time environment is unusual, we provide template guides to getting up and running fast.